pimpology-day-dreaming-quote Next Party: May 30th, 8pm

Pimp ‘N Hoes!

Look like a Lady, Party like a Pimp

Pimpin aint easy, but partyin like ’em iz!!

Frosti would love to see a bit of reversal here… Men as Hoes answerin to their Lady Pimps!!

Lets pimp it all night long and have some ballin good times.

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LusciousSD began in Oct 2013. A small group of local San Diego women wanted to create a community where ALL women could feel sexy and comfortable. Especially the curvy, juicy larger women… also known as BBWs.

Now we have grown to having monthly parties and over 700 individuals on our mailing list. If you enjoy the “lifestyle” but are a bit unsure if you will be accepted in certain circles, you can rest assured that in OUR group you will always be welcome, befriended and those luscious curves will be lusted after. We have women of all sizes, and invite all men, women and couples to join us.

All we ask is that you be respectful and love the “REAL” women of LusciousSD.